Study programme for Ukrainian students

Dance Centre Prague - Conservatoire has prepared a special study programme for Ukrainian students.

The financial contribution to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian students into the school team in the shortest possible time was provided by the Tereza Maxová Foundation.

The main purpose is a training and educational program according to age and level of previous education, including the provision of material conditions such as textbooks, aids, training clothes, lunch in the school canteen, etc. The scholarship represents 100% coverage of all the above costs. TCP tries to place Ukrainian students as soon as possible and provide them with facilities. The Dance Centre Prague has accepted almost 30 students for study since March 2022 and currently has 13 students. TCP also uses its own teachers with knowledge of the Ukrainian language to help with organisation, administration and communication with government authorities. In the first fortnight, they always complete an adaptive language programme and are placed in practical teaching groups according to their age and previous education. To facilitate the process of their adaptation TCP has reinforced the corps with 2 dance teachers from Ukraine. The students are subsequently included in the theoretical teaching.

We offered 280 free tickets to Ukrainian guests for our performance Flight Through the World, which took place on Sunday 20 March at the Vinohrady Theatre. We were delighted by their large turnout. We believe that we allowed them to forget their difficult current situation, at least for a while.

A great help are foreign students and employees from linguistically close countries who have been studying and working here for several years. I would like to thank all the staff, parents and students who have "put their hand to work" during this difficult time - for their willingness, helpfulness and dedication", says Jan Schneider, Director of the Conservatoire.

The Prague Dance Centre is a new type of conservatoire that combines gymnasium and artistic education, linking the teaching of classical and modern dance techniques and methods, including the very latest ones, with the performance practice of contemporary dance theatre.

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