International Dance Centre - practice in practice

The International Dance Centre is an arts agency that has been producing and organising dance performances, competitions, workshops and festivals since 1994.

The very idea and name of the agency dates back to the 1980s. Its mission is to organise events to promote international cooperation with foreign educational and artistic centres. The agency, in which professionals work with students of the Prague Dance Centre, takes responsibility for selected professional, artistic and social activities. During their studies, students learn how to practically run and manage a non-profit organization, which gives them invaluable experience for their future professional life.

The agency organizes events such as educational programs for schools How to be a Dancer and Creation of Dance, or full-length performances of Welcome to the World, Dance of the Rainforest, Dialogues without Words, Zero Gravity, Magic Flute, Flight through the World or Cause Prometheus - performances of its two student junior companies - Baby Ballet Prague (made up of 3rd to 5th year students) and Ballet Prague Junior (made up of 6th to 8th year students and TCP graduates). It also collaborates in the production of Dance Centre Prague performances such as Christmas Dance Scene, Final Performance, Graduation Performance, International Dance Weeks, Dance Teachers of the Year and Summer Dance Workshops.

The International Dance Centre has the following equipment:

  • stage technique
  • projection technology
  • lighting equipment + lighting desk
  • construction for hanging lights
  • smoke on stage
  • audio equipment
  • own cyclorama