Are the boys dancing? They're dancing!

For physically gifted applicants who are interested in pursuing a high school diploma and intensive dance studies in a conservatoire schedule. The dance genre is filled with girl talent but still a modest number of boys. Such a stigma should be broken, for there is a wonderful artistic, teaching and management job waiting for new dancers - talented, hard-working and educated professionals.

The Dance Center Prague - Conservatoire is a secondary vocational school providing secondary and higher vocational education, including pedagogical education (ending with a high school diploma and graduation with pedagogical approval). Its development began in 1961, with full-time studies in 1994. Practical subjects: classical, contemporary and jazz dance, acrobatics, tap, dance sports, repertoire or choreography. The theory emphasizes a sound gymnasium foundation and professional subjects in the fields of language, humanities, pedagogy and cultural management.

The Conservatoire produces extensive artistic activities: the student art agency produces the junior art troupes Ballet Prague Junior and Baby Ballet Prague, choreographic workshops, festivals, tours and individual internships, including those abroad - there is quality employment for boys.

Talent tests and consultations are organized 2 times a month - you will receive the dates and conditions on the basis of an electronic application. Older students (above grade 5 in primary school) may be placed in the upper years of the 8-year course according to the results of the talent tests. We deliberately do not prescribe the age of applicants - given our past practice, we want to prove that studying in the arts and culture is primarily a matter of talent, diligence and intellect.

The Dance and Theatre Foundation is once again offering successful boy talent hunters subsidy and support programs for their further teaching and recruitment activities.