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Announcement of admissions for the 2024/25 school year

Dance Center Prague announces, according to § 60 of the Education Act, the first round of the admission procedure for the study of the 8-year conservatory (ŠVP conservatory - gymnasium)

Field of study code: 82-46-M,P/01

Name of the field: Dance

Submission of applications for the first round: until 30 November 2023 (by post or in person at the school secretariat, 1st floor)

Deadline for Round I admissions: 22nd and 23rd January 2024

On the basis of the application form, the applicant (or legal guardian) will receive an invitation to the admissions procedure on a specific date.

In the event of illness, the applicant (or legal guardian) will send a written apology. Applicants (or legal representatives) will be notified of the alternative date after the regular date of Round I of the TA.

Confirmation of entry to the first year is made by the applicant or the applicant's legal representative by means of an enrolment slip.

Estimated number of applicants admitted to Year 1 28

Criteria for successful completion of talent tests:

  1. 80 % of the aptitude requirements must be met (maximum score 110, pass mark 88)
  2. general knowledge test must be passed at 60 % (maximum score 18, pass mark 11)
  3. the music knowledge test must be passed at 60 % (maximum score 12, pass mark 7)
  4. report card, maximum average 1.8 (taking into account specific learning difficulties) average 1.00 - 1.29 10 points, average 1.30 - 1.50 9 points, average 1.51 - 1.80 8 points, average 1.80 or more 7 points

Failure to meet the minimum scores for the first, second or third part of the assessment will prevent admission to the course (see above for the pass mark).

The tests (music and general knowledge) will be given in Czech, the foreigner with temporary protection has an automatic (it is not necessary to apply for this) time limit increase of 25% and can use a translation dictionary. This adaptation is based on the same adaptations provided for in Annex 1 to Decree No 353/2016 Coll., on admission to secondary education, as amended. A foreigner with temporary protection must prove that he/she is a foreigner - he/she must present the temporary protection visa together with the completed application form by 30 November 2023


Information from the website of the Ministry of Education and after a telephone consultation on the support line on the new legislation.

The new legislative regulation of admission to secondary schools and conservatories is planned to come into force from 1 January 2024.

From 1 January 2024, the new legislation is in force, so enrolment cards are not handed in.

- Deadline for submitting the enrolment form

The applicant has 10 working days to submit an enrolment form from the date on which the result of the admission procedure is announced by publishing the list of admitted applicants (amendment to Section 60a(6) of the Education Act).

- Requesting an enrolment card from the regional authority

If an applicant wishes to receive an enrolment card via a postal service provider, the enrolment card is obtained from the regional authority on the basis of a written request (wording of Section 5a(3) of the Decree).

Information for applicants - 5th grade of primary school:

On the basis of the application form submitted, the applicant will be contacted on a specific date.

Talent tests will be conducted in accordance with Section 62 (admission to education with talent test) of the Act

561/2004 Coll., on pre-school, primary, secondary, higher vocational and other education (Education Act), as amended.

Dance Centre Prague regularly organises talent tests to check the basic prerequisites for studying the Conservatory's educational concept. Successful candidates from the 5th year of primary school will be admitted to the 1st year of the conservatory.

Information for applicants - older than 5th grade in primary school:

Applications for the talent tests can be sent in free form (name, age, residence, school, grade, contact) to the TCP e-mail .

Once you have sent your pre-application to you will receive detailed information about your placement in the talent tests.

For applicants who want to pre-test their talent and disposition for studying at the Dance Conservatory, we regularly organize "talent tests".

Applicants from the upper primary school take differential talent tests and, after successful completion of these tests, will be placed in the higher year of the TCP according to their established level in theoretical and practical subjects and their level of talent development. You will be notified by e-mail of the date of the talent tests or of your placement in the relevant term after registering your application.