Dance Centre Prague - Conservatoire

History: founded in 1961 as the first Central European centre of contemporary dance, the 50th anniversary celebrations were under the auspices of UNESCO, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, AMU, ND and DU/IU

Type of school: conservatoire - secondary vocational school providing secondary and higher vocational education including artistic and pedagogical training - dance pedagogy

Graduate profile: matriculation (high school) + graduation (university) + teaching qualification, title: diploma specialist

Educational concept: a combination of an eight-year dance conservatoire and an eight-year high school, combining classical, contemporary, jazz and alternative dance instruction. Teaching of dance, modern and contemporary dance. Artistic practice: two student artistic ensembles (100 events per year). Management experience: student arts agency (30 events per year), mandatory rehabilitation programs, strict lifestyle, health care. Professional library, audio and video library, historical archive.

Length of study: eight-year full-time study, four-year differentiated programme: dance pedagogy 

Age of students: no earlier than 11 years of age (start of studies no earlier than after 5th grade of primary school) special differentiated programme for non-certified dance teachers with experience

Personnel matters: number of students 161, of whom 61 are from outside Prague and 26 from abroad. 43 teachers and creators, of whom 16 are active artists (6 from abroad). Own dormitory with educational supervision, own transport - school minibuses.

Periodic professional activities: international dance weeks, summer dance workshop, summer dance school, Christmas dance scene, dance teachers of the year, final performance, graduation performance, regional dance camps

Umělecké aktivity - scénická, interpretační a tvůrčí praxe:


chamber ensemble - 16 best senior students aged 17 - 20 (founded 1999) repertoire: 14 one-act ballets with a total length of 3 hours. Quattro dances, Magic Flute, Zero Gravity, Elixir. Creation of Dance - an educational programme for schools with live commentary, (75 minutes). Production: 60 performances per season, Prague venues.


chamber ensemble - 22 best students of lower grades aged 13-16 (founded 2004) repertoire: 22 choreographic etudes with a total length of 2 hours. Full-length dance performances. How to be a dancer - educational programme for schools, (75 minutes). Production: 35 performances per season, Prague venues.


Student Art Agency - organisation of artistic and professional events: production, promotion, marketing, fundraising, economics, audio and video library of the tribal repertoire, mobile stage equipment (complete stage, sound and lighting equipment - approx. 400 items worth CZK 2.4 million), theatre equipment (approx. In the period 2008 - 2018 the agency produced 875 performances in 106 domestic and 11 foreign cities. The agency co-produces with the Prague Chamber Ballet, FOK, ČT, and also co-produces periodical projects.